GainMaker 1 GHz High Output 4-Port Node

GainMaker 1 GHz High Output 4-Port Node with 42/54 MHz Split

The GainMaker® High Output 4-Port Node is designed to serve as an integral part of today’s network architectures. The GainMaker High Output 4-Port Node combines the proven technologies of both the GainMaker RF Amplifier and Prisma Optical components. Featuring four high level RF output ports and a segmentable reverse path, it is an ideal platform for delivering video (digital and analog) as well as high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks.

Reverse traffic can be segmented and routed to FP, DFB, CWDM, DWDM, or 2:1 bdr-I reverse transmitters. The GainMaker High Output 4-Port Node is also available with an optional custom status monitoring HMS transponder for use with all HMS compliant monitoring and control element management systems. On-board temperature, RF switch position (wink switch), power supply condition, as well as other features and parameters can be monitored through this module.


  • GainMaker High Output 4-Port Node uses plug-in accessories common to all GainMaker products

  • Two Optical Transmitters and one receiver positions/position in the lid

  • Optional plug-in Status Monitoring

  • Optional transmitter redundancy (with non-segmented option)

  • Fiber entry and management tray provides easy access to fiber connections and folds back to provide access to optical transmitter and receivers

  • Reverse input pad and RF test point for each reverse port allows optimum reverse path design and alignment

  • Optional Dual Redundant Receiver provides ability to switch to redundant optical power in case of fiber cut




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