ViewPoint Integrated Server Package

ViewPoint Integrated Data Management System ViewPoint Gear Diagram

  • Total System Management for Trilithic Field and Headend Measurement & Monitoring Devices that Shows the Real-Time Performance of Your Entire Network
  • Proactive Network Maintenance Helps to Increase Service Availability and Reduce Operational Expenses by Finding and Fixing Problems Early
  • Consolidated Platform for Physical and Virtual Platforms with an Intuitive Web Browser Based User Interface
  • Automated Dashboards with Customizable Reporting & Analysis Tools

Unified Plant Management Solution The ViewPoint platform provides operations managers with a convenient, easy-to-use platform for verifying field operation compliance, monitoring the overall health of your forward and return path spectrum while displaying the real-time performance of all your MIB (management information base) devices. All of this information is displayed in a convenient, easy-to-use dashboard powered by an extensive selection of customizable reports.

This allows operators to consolidate reporting and get a better view of the overall health of the entire system, and allows the operator to proactively address problems before they happen.

Mobile Connectivity The simplified web-based user interface of ViewPoint allows technicians and managers to quickly and easily seek out problem areas in the overall plant from any device with an Internet connection and a web browser.

ViewPoint features mobile reporting that allows you to view dashboards and reports anytime and anywhere. The user can create reports in the office using a PC or in the field from any portable smart device with an Internet connection.

With mobile connectivity, managers can see a quick view of their entire field operations at-a-glance, in near real-time without interrupting their normal work routine

Extensive Field Tech Support The ViewPoint system not only works for management, but is also designed with the technician in mind. Viewpoint provides an unlimited amount of connections for field users to upload job information and measurement data, view forward or return path measurement data and view nodes.

Technicians in the field also have the ability to use ViewPoint's customizable reports that can display a continuously updating dashboard with poorly performing nodes so they can always be targeting the most critical problem areas within your plant.

These Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) features help to find and fix problems early, improve team communication, diagnose reoccurring problems over time, reduce truck rolls and improve service quality all while cutting operating costs.




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