860 DSPi Multifunction Digital Analyzer

Efficient, versatile, & comprehensive Now with an optional CableLabs® certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem option, the 860 DSPi™ quickly and efficiently performs all of the critical transmission and signal quality tests needed to install, troubleshoot, and maintain analog, digital, HSD, and VoIP services. The analyzer can be configured with features that make day-to-day maintenance more efficient and improve troubleshooting speed for plant technicians. Powerful options add high-resolution spectrum analysis, QAM and QPSK constellation displays, and a wide range of return path tests- all without impacting size or weight. Fast boot-up and quick test mode transition improve technician productivity. And thanks to the efficiency of digital signal processing technology, the battery life of the 860 DSPi can be up to five times longer than that of other instruments. The 860 DSPi works with Guardian System II™ reverse path monitoring equipment, and can be equipped with options to provide an extensive range of reverse path test capabilities. With the SpeedSweep™ FS-1 option, the 860 DSPi receives forward sweep from the 8300 FST™; with the SR-1 option, it also generates a high resolution reverse sweep to be received by the 8310 RSA™ and displayed on the 860’s easy-to-read LCD display.

Adaptable for future needs The 860 DSPi is the first portable instrument platform capable of evolving over time to meet emerging measurement and data communication requirements. It can be upgraded as new services are introduced, usually through Trilithic’s free update website. The use of flexible, cutting-edge digital signal processing (DSP) technology means that applications that were not even available when the analyzer was originally purchased can be added later, often by simply downloading firmware. This ability to easily keep the 860 DSPi as up-to-date as currently shipped analyzers gives it a longer life cycle and significantly reduces the lifetime cost of ownership.

Fast boot-up for quick measurements With the 860 DSPi ready to perform measurements within a few seconds after turn-on, technicians can perform tests quickly. The 860 also provides test data to the operator up to 10 times faster than other analyzers, so problem sources can be identified faster, shortening trouble calls.




Jun 20, 2024

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Jun 5, 2024

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