Coaxial Media Converter for Remote-PHY

Remote-PHY System Key Features and Benefits

  • Preserves the centralized software structure of the CMTS and rich feature sets. Allows for future software upgrades without requiring upgrades of the numerous remote nodes in the field.

  • Requires a small amount of hardware and software in the remote node to keep the device relatively simple and stable. This provides many operational advantages. There is less troubleshooting required. The simpler the hardware, the less chance of failure, simplifying normal operations. Additionally, most of the intelligent software resides in the CMTS in the headend, making it easier for customers to deploy upgrades as new features and capabilities evolve. Instead of upgrading thousands of nodes in the field, upgrades are deployed centrally in the headend.

  • Supports Ethernet-based network such as Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Layer 2 Metro Ethernet. This gives customers the flexibility to cost-effectively select which transmission network is most appropriate to their needs.

  • Preserves the sophisticated DOCSIS quality of service (QoS) assurance mechanism to help ensure end-to- end QoS. The granularity of scheduling is per service flow-based. In addition, there is no mapping needed from the DOCSIS service flow to the Ethernet packet virtual LAN (VLAN).

  • The CMC and transmission network are transparent to the CMTS and cable modem so the Remote-PHY has no effect on the existing CMTS and cable modem. Instead, the architecture allows the use of digital Fiber.




Jun 20, 2024

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Jun 5, 2024

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