Prisma D-PON System 1550 nm Transmitter and EDFA

Prisma D-PON System 1550 nm Downstream Transmitter and EDFA

The Prisma D-PON System is a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solution specifically designed for RF and DOCSIS-based service providers. This system provides the benefits of a FTTH passive optical network (PON) while maintaining existing HFC back-office systems, such as the billing support system (BSS), operations support system (OSS), broadcast video, narrowcast video, switched digital video, VOD, DOCSIS data, DOCSIS VOIP, and VDOC. The D-PON system allows for incremental FTTH growth on an adaptable, low- maintenance architecture, while using the existing back-office infrastructure and cable- friendly customer premise equipment (CPE).

The solution consists of the following components:

  • Prisma D-PON 1550 nm Downstream Transmitter

  • Prisma EDFA Optical Amplifier

  • Prisma D-PON Optical Network Terminal (ONT) (data sheet part number 7017049)

  • Prisma D-PON Upstream Receiver (data sheet part number 7017049)

  • Prisma D-PON WDM LGX Modules (data sheet part number 7017620)

The Prisma D-PON Downstream Optical Transmitter and Optical Amplifier supply the downstream optical signal for the Prisma D-PON solution.


  • Residential FTTH (RF video, DOCSIS voice and DOCSIS data)

  • MDU FTTH (RF video, DOCSIS voice and DOCSIS data)

  • RF Video overlay for Commercial xPON

Primary Features

  • 1 GHz full loading (78 Analog / 75 QAM at -6 dB)

  • SBS tuning for EDFA driving 20 km fiber

  • CNR 48 dB at -3.5 dBm received power

  • Enables 25 dB PON downstream link budget at 1550 nm

  • Supports DOCSIS 3.0 four- to eight-channel 256 QAM downstream channel bonding

  • Multiple setup and control options via Intelligent Communications Interface Module (ICIM)




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